Sunday, February 23, 2014

Photo Selection: Ear-ly in the Morning

I still have a lot of pictures from my time in Scotland, so in an effort to keep this blog interesting for a bit longer, I'll try to post one or two each week. Today's selection is a mini-tripod-assisted selfie that I took aboard the MV Pentalina early in my final week in Scotland. I can't remember what time I actually got up, but it was earlier than usual, and I'd had to pack a bag to take down to Aberdeen with me. I made the bus from Kirkwall to The Hope with a couple of minutes to spare, and I think that was the occasion when the moon had yet to set on a clear Orcadian night, lighting up Scapa Flow and the silhouette of Orkney's landscape as the bus approached and crossed the Barriers. Once aboard the Pentalina, I took a couple of selfies before sitting there for the hour-long journey and listening to one podcast or another - BBC Global News, if I remember correctly.

One item of note, which may have actually shown up in a prior post, is that Poppy Scotland badge on the collar of my jacket. It was a gift from the curator of the Gordon Highlanders Museum during my initial in-briefing, and I have yet to take it off of my jacket.

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