Sunday, March 9, 2014

Photo Selection: CN Vlad versus Shite Piper

In July, CN GBU-16 sent me a picture that had been posted on Facebook by some random denizen of Aberdeen. What's noteworthy about this picture is that it features a woman wearing a sort of ridiculous pink outfit, right next to her (then-)boyfriend, CN Vlad. For those of you who are new or rusty, CN Vlad was my Romanian coursemate who first introduced himself as being "from Transylvania, the same as Dracula!"

There's something else in the picture that's worth mentioning. See that sort of broad guy behind the pedestrian signal pole? That, dear friends, is Shite Piper. Shite Piper is a guy from Georgia - like, the American state of Georgia - who stands there on the corner of Union Street and Union Terrace Gardens, at the base of the statue of King Edward VII. Why is he called "Shite Piper"? Because he's absolutely awful. Behold, a Facebook post and ensuing conversation from August...
To the guy from Georgia who plays the bagpipes daily on the corner of Union Street and Union Terrace: please stop. You're awful, you're embarrassing yourself, the locals call you a "shite piper", and your "music" makes everyone uncomfortable. Your piping makes angry cats sound melodic by comparison. I'm begging you: please desist immediately.

KH: Might have more impact if you said this to his face...
Tom: I've learned to avoid people from Georgia.
CS: He's American? Bloody immigrants coming over here and destroying our music. That's our job. Wearing skirts and being overweight. That's our fucking job!
JF: Tom, will this persuade you to stop wearing skirts?
HM: He plays really stereotypical music and even then can get the notes right. He never shuts up even late at night which makes me feel for the people staying around that area
Tom: JF: No.
HM: I put one of my friends up in the Caledonian Hotel, and his rubbish piping was my only concern.
DD: Shite Piper is a GREAT name for a band!
DD: JF, Tom, SW and DD, AKA, Shite Piper! Let's get the band back together!
KM: He could nae join with Guitar wifey the famous musician frae Aberdeen and be called Wifey N shitey! .x.
LM: no that is an insult to the legend that is wifey
Just to clarify: KH is a girl I dated briefly in college, CS was one of my coursemates, JF and DD (and SW) are former co-workers from when I worked in Virginia, and HM, LM, and KM are two sisters and their father whom I met in Aberdeen. The "wifey" is Aberdeen's Guitar Wifey, a popular busker who plays a guitar (maybe a ukelele?) on Aberdeen's sidewalks.

I have to agree with DD, though - "Shite Piper" is a great name for a band.

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