Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Around Aberdeen: The Seagull Menace

Seagulls in Aberdeen are awful. They'll screech outside your window early in the morning, brazenly steal food if it's left untouched for a few seconds, and I've even heard of them attacking children. I've dealt with some mean animals in my life, but Aberdonian seagulls are mean - like, crazy mean. As you'll note from the picture above, they even kill and eat other birds nearly the same size as them - this was a picture I took on an Aberdeen bus around this time last year when I saw a seagull devouring a pigeon it had killed. As such, I took great interest in a story I saw last week: Peterhead brings in falconer to tackle seagull menace. According to the article:
People in Peterhead say the problem of scavenging birds swooping on locals is the worst the town has ever seen.

Aberdeenshire Council has recruited a falconer to patrol the area, scaring off the gulls, which have had a "very successful" breeding season.


"Anyone in the habit of feeding them intentionally can also help by stopping, as it's simply leading them into a life of crime, associating people with a source of food."
I say, bring on the hawks. Lots of them. (And they should apparently send send some to Rome, too.)

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