Friday, January 2, 2015

Photo Selection: Intelligence Question Time

E no longer lectures at Aberdeen. I think he's at the University of Bath, the University of Nottingham, or splitting his time between the two. When he was in Aberdeen - and I think he continues to do this wherever he's teaching at the moment - E would host an annual Intelligence Question Time, modeled after Question Time on BBC One. E had hoped to get CN Odin for the 2013 IQT, but CN Odin was otherwise occupied; however, he invited me as well, the head of our department, and The Director. (The Director's the guy with the greying hair.) I don't remember most of the questions, but I do remember someone asking about the most likely points in which nuclear war could have happened after the Cuban Missile Crisis, another guy who wanted to know about enhanced interrogation techniques, and at least one question about the justification for the Iraq War. I enjoyed it, and I think most of the rest in attendance did as well. It's unfortunate that E is no longer in Aberdeen, because he threw down some pretty interesting content in his lectures. Oh, well, it's a gain for Bath... Or Nottingham?

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