Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Separated by a Common Language: Orcadian Dialect Edition, Part 3

Earlier this year, I posted about Northern Isles evening radio programs. Once BBC Radio Orkney's Winter program season came to a close, I - no joke - went back through the six installments of Whassigo, recorded every word and its definition, and present them now in this latest edition of Separated by a Common Language.

November 2014
  • dillo - A small area of cultivated ground.
  • geskafoo - Pleasant in manner; old Norse for "full of pleasantness".
  • pulty - A short, stout person (or, to be short and stout), from the Norse "bult".
  • blooro - A passionate argument that could degenerate into a melee.
  • skafal - A shapely, well-built person (particularly in the face).
  • stram - A state of excitement.

    December 2014
  • chiggo - A well-built lass.
  • favillo - An idle, lazy person.
  • stunky - Slow-witted or stupid; also, a person who is not taking part in festivities.
  • limiter - A lame animal.
  • mittle - A serious injury, or to be "seriously mittled".
  • skint - An admonition to hurry up, from the Norse "skynda", "to hasten".
  • peltrie - A group of unwanted visitors.

    January 2015
  • sugg - A patch of hard skin on the hand (like a callus).
  • hingle - A bracket that holds a lamp.
  • jimp - A bit short, e.g., sparing or economical.
  • fest - To tether an animal, particularly in a field with a stake.
  • veeze - To grab something tightly.
  • skate-rumple - An inhabitant of Deerness.

    February 2015
  • ligny - A calm spot on the sea caused by an oil slick.
  • sivvet - Birsay word meaning a blow or a smack.
  • pangse - To walk as if walking through deep snow.
  • lotherfoo - Peaceful and amiable.
  • skiggan - Norse for clear, transparent, bright, and clean.
  • bugget - A large, clumsy person, from the old Norse "bugge".

    April 2015
  • darrowas - Rousay word for a good scolding.
  • baiver - To be blown about or struggling against the wind (Danish-Norse).
  • rink - A twist in one's neck.
  • dabal - A piece of wet land.
  • griminagerous - Hideous (referring to facial features).
  • rammelgoforth - A rash and hurried person.

    April 2015 #2
  • simean - Putting on aires or graces.
  • tud - A Marwick word meaning sudden changes in air pressure resulting from gales
  • glinted - Lightheaded, flirtatious, frolicksome.
  • vansome - A Norn word describing someone who is difficult to please and/or deal with.
  • varless - Awkward or clumsy in gait or movement.
  • boonie - A farmer.

    I'd be really tempted to use flash cards to memorize these and previous Whassigo words if I weren't reasonably sure that most Orcadians wouldn't actually recognize any of these words if they were to hear them in conversation!
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