Sunday, May 19, 2013

Around Aberdeen: Inspirational Land Rover

The other day, during a break from exam prep, I walked to Asda - the British manifestation of the WalMart empire - to buy a radio as a substitute for my Grundig Mini 100PE, which appears to have a short. (The Mini 100PE is long since discontinued, so I'd like to preserve it and fix it once I'm back in the States, since it's a fantastic piece of kit - more on radios in a subsequent post.) As I got to within about half a block of Asda (which, coincidentally, is right across the street from Codonas Amusement Park, where the Strategists once played hard during happier times), I spotted an inspirational message on the side of a Land Rover - complete with The North Face logo and some bizarre graphic of a scantily clad woman, all three of which were repeated on the other side of the vehicle. I decided to snap a quick picture before continuing on for my radio. It serves as a good reminder - particularly during the hard times - to get the most out of life, regardless of the circumstances in which you may find yourself.

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