Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Around Aberdeen: Ugly Wee Loaner Car

over the Summer, while I was working on my dissertation, I spent nearly every afternoon at a particular Starbucks in Aberdeen's city center. It was an interesting vantage point from whence to observe various goings-on in the city. One thing that I found exceptionally amusing was the day when an "Free Ugly Wee Loaner Car" - apparently the Scottish version of the cars that a mechanic's shop will loan you while they're repairing your car. Fortunately, it was stopped at the traffic light directly adjacent to Starbucks, so I was able to grab my phone and fire up the camera before it sped away. There was also some grocery store whose trucks said something along the lines of "Mums love XYZ", but I don't remember what the "XYZ" was - all I remember is that it was something that didn't quite translate back into the American dialect.

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