Monday, April 14, 2014

The Songs That Remind You 16: Taylor Swift Redux!

A few months ago, I did a Taylor Swift Special Edition(!), and since then I've picked up several additional songs by the fetching Ms. Swift that will continue to remind me of my year (and some change) spent in Scotland. The first of these was one that started getting airplay while I was still down in Aberdeen.

Here in Orkney, while studying at a local pub, I also discovered a track from her previous album entitled Back to December...

... as well as the title track from her current album, Red.

I don't know that I'd say that I actually have a bit of a thing for Ms. Swift. What I would say is that in an age of really vapid and oversexualized garbage (Miley Cyrus, to name but one), it's nice to see a female performer with actual talent who seems somewhat normal and doesn't resort to auto-tuning, flagrant sexualization, and bland lyrics written by committees in order to sell records.

I was going to include an interview with the fetching Ms. Swift on some radio station with a bunch of chumps, but I'll dispense with that. Have a great day!

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