Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Separated by a Common Language: Orcadian Dialect Edition, Part 4

Last year, I posted an entire season worth of Whassigo words from the beloved Orkney evening program(me). Many months late, I'm at it again with the words from the '15/'16 Whassigo season. This time, I kept track of the words as the episodes were released during BBC Radio Orkney's winter season, but I'm extremely late in posting them - as evidenced by the fact that there have already been three installments this season. And so, this latest edition of Separated by a Common Language.

October 2015
  • "koosed" - to exchange, swap, or barter
  • "hoolican" - a shaggy, repulsive sheep
  • "bayow" - a primitive scythe
  • "nutheran" - humming or singing
  • "tyno" - rod or wire for drying fish
  • "tribble" - to touch things with one's fingers; to grope

    November 2015
  • "letto" - an insignificant item of very little value
  • "karr" - a big, strong man
  • "millens" - particulate or fine bits of stoor, e.g., in the bottom of a purse or handbag
  • "scumfaced" - old Scots word meaning disgusted, related to scunnard (scunnered?)
  • "snellie" - a coot (bird?), e.g., a mark that looks like it was made by a snail
  • "ill-fossered" - untidy or slovenly

    December 2015
  • "dagsy" - a bow-legged person
  • "noler" - a snub (Scottish in origin)
  • "feich" - an old Norse word meaning expression of disgust, particularly at a bad smell
  • "gramowrie" - a witch's power, old Scots word derived from French
  • "irpid" - from a Faroese word meaning spiteful or cantankerous
  • "yam" - an old type of Orkney potato

    January 2016
  • "transeerin" - a serious fall from a horse
  • "droose" - a Sanday word meaning to rush forth, originally Norwegian
  • "gamsmyre" - total chaos or pandaemonium
  • "lowter" - a lump of gutter
  • "nowtan" - muttering in an ill-tempered manner, growling or grumbling
  • "pilk" - a small, light-built boy

    February 2016
  • "ab" - a hindrance or impediment
  • "nivvle" - an old Norse word meaning to grip something hard
  • "skarps" - a patch of poor, rocky ground
  • "raam" - someone who is speaking nonsense or rambling incoherently
  • "koofie" - a shellfish, particularly large breeds of clam
  • "lovanentie" - an exclamation equivalent to "mercy me", corrupted from the phrase "Lord, defend me"

    March 2016
  • "skelly-wheeter" - an emaciated beast
  • "toosy" - a state of dishevelment
  • "slunky" - a word describing a long and lean person
  • "maelskorn" - a light, unsatisfying meal
  • "metting" - a single ear of corn; a handful or small amount of anything precious; a tea leaf
  • "krammy" - heavy, drizzly weather
  • "koukan" - swallowing greedily, from an old Norse word

    "April" 2016
  • "clivvo" - a steep road with high banks on the side
  • "skiggan" - from the Norse "skiggar", meaning bright and clean (repeat from February 2015)
  • "loba" - old, coarse grass on bog land
  • "drush" - a great number/amount of something
  • "kony" - strong vegetation, e.g., for making a basket or rope
  • "haffhand" - a concubine or mistress

    I'll try to make sure that the next installment of this particular series gets posted in April of May of 2017, rather than December. Many apologies!
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