Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blog Housekeeping Notice: CN Bruce No More!

Dear readers,

Up until now, one of my dear fellow Strategists has been referred to as "CN Bruce". Both his friend and flatmate, CN Governor, and mostly his girlfriend CN Doc (whom we all love and miss, as she's presently deployed to Australia to learn how to save lives!) hate the name CN Bruce, but neither (and CN Governor especially) had any good suggestions for changing it. In all honesty, I didn't much like the nickname myself, but I lacked a superior alternative.

Therefore, working with CN Doc, I now decree that the Strategist formerly known as "CN Bruce" shall now be known as "CN Warden", for reasons which shall be obvious to all concerned. In true Orwellian fashion, all prior references to "CN Bruce" shall hereby be amended, with this post serving as the only trace of this former moniker.

Thank you for your attention.


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