Monday, February 4, 2013

Helpful Links for Strategists

A few months ago, I attempted to assist my fellow Strategists by giving a shameless plug for Google Reader, which fell entirely upon deaf ears. This post is yet another well-natured attempt to help them by bringing some online resources to their attention. The following links are veritable gold mines for research, be it for projects we've been assigned for this semester, or possibly even for dissertation research later this year.

  • Central Army Registry: Formerly the Reimer Digital Library, the CAR is an archive of a lot of different U.S. Army training and education materials.
  • Defense Technical Information Center: DTIC offers a great deal of technical manuals and other military documents of varying types.
  • Combined Arms Research Library: CARL provides a number of resources on specific subjects ranging from individual conflicts to regions of interest.
  • Command and Control Research Program: CCRP provides a number of resources focused specifically on command and control.
  • Foreign Military Studies Office: FMSO is a fantastic resource. The FMSO folks have written a stunning number of articles on conflicts and military affairs across the entire world. If you have a conflict in living memory to research, the odds are that the FMSO archives will have at least one article on it.
  • Army Electronic Publications and Forms: This site includes U.S. Army field manuals, among other publications.
  • Marine Corps Publications: This site is the U.S. Marine Corps' version of that previous U.S. Army site, with additional links to other Navy, Air Force, and DoD sites.
  • GWU National Security Archive: The GWU National Security archive has a lot of declassified documents and other resources that could be useful for research purposes.

    I'll be milking these sites for all they're worth during both this semester and at dissertation time. Hopefully my fellow Strategists will have a look and get some good use out of them, too. If not, that will be just one more advantage for me as the final scores are tallied later this year.
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