Thursday, February 21, 2013

Writing Sample: Emirates Security Overview

Country: United Arab Emirates
Religious Affiliations: Sunni (80%), Shiite (16%), other (4%)
Ethnic Groups: Emirati (Arab) 19%, other (81%)

Remarks: Previously the Trucial States, the United Arab Emirates is composed of seven individual federated emirates (princedoms) ranging in cultural character from liberal (Dubai) to conservative (Sharjah). Formerly administered by the United Kingdom, the Emirates maintain close ties with the West.

Compared with neighboring states, the Emirates host an abnormally large proportion of Iranian expatriates. Iran likely perceives itself to have a stake there as a result. The most prominent territorial dispute between the Emirates and Iran regards the islands of Abu Musa (Emirati territory, but Iran is allowed a military installation there) and the Greater and Lesser Tunbs (administered by Iran, but claimed by the Emirates).[E1][E2][E3]

In January 2011, an Emirati spy ring was uncovered in Oman. While the Emirates and Oman enjoy friendly relations, the Emirati government may have been attempting to gather information about Oman's friendly ties with Iran, or to seek answers about the issue of Omani succession.[E4]

As with other GCC nations, Emirati citizens are few in number and politically disengaged, making the task of fielding an effective indigenous military force difficult. Emirati troops are the only Arab forces to have conducted operations in Afghanistan.[E5] In May 2011, the New York Times reported that former Blackwater CEO Erik Prince had been hired to assemble and train a Colombian mercenary army in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.[E6] The UAE and Qatar recently requested $7.6 billion in Western missile defense support, indicating Emirati concern over Iranian WMD programs.[E7][E8][E9]

In late 2012, Emirati security forces detained a number of individuals with ties to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and prosecuted them on charges of plotting terrorist attacks.[E10][E11][E12][E13][E14][E15] The probe included the investigation of Kuwaitis who were suspected of financing the operation.[E16][E17][E18][E19] The Muslim Brotherhood has long had a quietly tempestuous presence in the Emirates.[E20] This development will likely strain ties between the UAE, its allies, Egypt, and an increasingly emboldened Muslim Brotherhood.

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