Monday, April 22, 2013

Physical Training Plan

A while ago, I noted in this post that some of the items I intend to read in the next couple of months include the following:

  • Naval Special Warfare Physical Training Guide
  • Naval Special Warfare Injury Prevention Guide
  • Special Operations Nutrition Guide
  • Ranger School Prep

    One might look at all of this and assume that I intend to pursue a future career in special operations. No, certainly not. What I do hope to do at some point, however, is complete the BUD/S Warning Order workout, which is designed to prepare guys for initial Navy SEAL training. I don't ever expect to get to that level of physical fitness, mainly because I hate running (love swimming, sort of enjoy hiking) and I'm addicted to eating as many empty calories as I can shove into my face in a given day. I would, however, like to be in better shape than I am now, and to feel better about both my physical appearance and my health. Hopefully, between slightly improved weather and less time taken up with classes, I'll be able to make it happen over the summer.

    I also suggested to CN Warden that we might be able to organize a group to exercise together. CN Ness exercises, and CN Homeboy is a pretty avid runner with a half marathon or two under his belt. I'm always more likely to hit the gym when a little accountability is involved.

    1. Hoooyah! Good choice, you should also do the Murph. But without meaning to sound cocky I have done full Marathons, never done a half Marathon, but have done modified triathlons and biathlons.

      Running is great but can really knacker your knees if you aren't careful, so if doing so start out by doing a mile or two, ideally round a playing field or track as opposed to concrete if possible.

      aww the best from Sunny Aberdeen

    2. Will have to do the Marine Corps marathon someday, its on my bucket list