Monday, June 17, 2013

Around Aberdeen: Sunny Day Snapshot

Throughout the year, I've tended to take the bus a lot - sometimes because of the weather, sometimes because I hate hills and Aberdeen's thick with 'em, and sometimes on account of time. As the weather has gotten a bit more mild (warmer than I like, but more conducive to walking), I've found myself hoofing it more often than I had before. As I've done this, I've discovered a few really cool spots that I'll plan to write about in the next couple of months. A few weeks ago, I was walking in to campus on a sunny day, and I was just about to the SOC when I came to the crest of a hill on St. Machar Drive. I was greeted by a fantastic view, all the way out to the sea. I snapped a couple of pictures and was on my way. I don't think the picture quite does justice to the view that day, but it gives you some idea. Aberdeen is really a pretty neat place to spend a year.

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