Monday, December 9, 2013

Island Paradise: Inclement Weather

One of the reasons why I came to Scotland for graduate school is that - by and large - I love the weather here. It's really similar to the climate in which I grew up, and after a year and a half in the Middle East (which, counterintuitively, actually gets pretty chilly at times). The flipside is that on some occasions, I have to tolerate snow. Orkney has wind - lots of wind - and plenty of Rain. Aberdeen gets plenty of rain, though less wind than Orkney. Both occasionally get snow. I hate snow, but it does tend to make things photogenic by being out of the ordinary. The weather here in Orkney, in Scotland generally, and in Europe more generally, has been insane for the last few days - as evidenced by this picture and other stuff posted by BBC Radio Orkney! - and so I got a few pictures. Here's a shot of Wideford Hill...

... and here's a shot of the Highland Park distillery.

It's awful to walk in, though. Like, really, really awful. It takes me about twice as long to get anywhere, and it works muscles I forgot I even had! But, at least it's happening in Orkney, right? Totally awesome.

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