Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Songs That Remind You 15

It's time for another installment of this old blog favorite. There have been a few recent songs that I wanted to share. The first is a song by a guy whose music I should absolutely hate, but that I actually tend to like. The guy is Justin Timberlake, and the song is Mirrors. In lieu of the actual music video (which is really good, but goes on forever), I'm going to post the live performance from the Brit Awards - a tactic I've used previously for my Taylor Swift Special Edition!

In my Shetland Special Edition, I posted a song by Bastille. I heard another of their songs while sitting doing work of one sort or another at a local pub that will be detailed soon! In the mean time...

And finally, another song from those same environs is this offering from Jake Bugg.

Jake Bugg's album is one of several played at that aforementioned pub in which a one or two songs are great, and the rest get really tedious, which winds up getting me to use my headset to study Arabic. Actually, come to think of it, the other one is this guy called Newton Falkner, who's just absolutely awful. On the plus side, they also play Jake Bugg's Lightning Bolt. It's worth a listen. Newton Falkner isn't.

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