Thursday, August 9, 2012

Early August Status Update

Okay, a few days ago I posted that my new passport had arrived. Today, I finally got my Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies paperwork via E-mail, which means that I have everything I need to apply for my visa. I have a hard copy of the paperwork, so I'll fill that out so that I have everything sorted to submit the application online early next week. At some point, I'll have to send my passport to the UK Border Agency, which should take a couple of weeks, but thanks to the timely return of my passport, I'm no longer in "Keep Calm and Carry On" territory - at least, not as far as credentials go.

I also booked our airline tickets yesterday, so those are all set. Some time next week, Gus and I will sit down together and figure out where we'll be staying. That's also contingent upon me applying for housing, which I can do now that I have my student ID number.

Basically, it's starting to get to the point where it's scary real.

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