Thursday, August 9, 2012

Maps: University of Aberdeen Campus

A couple of days ago, I posted my personal orientation maps of Aberdeen. Today's maps are of the University of Aberdeen campus. I remember from my undergraduate years that the geography of a university campus can be every bit as complex as the geography of a city.

Here's the campus satellite map, and this is the PDF map. I think my lectures are going to take place primarily in the Edward Wright Building, though I'll obviously spend a lot of time in the University's brand new (and completely hideous, but presumably quite functional) library.

I'm still not sure where I'll wind up living, and that will dictate which areas of the city and campus I get most intimately acquainted with. Apparently the Hillhead dorms are sort of sketchy, and the design is copied from a Swedish women's prison. I just found a 2005 article on The Guardian (The Guardian itself being one of the world's poorest excuses for modern journalism) that discusses life on campus. I'm sure a lot has changed since '05, though. Maybe The Guardian (or, better yet, The Times) will do an interview with me!

Please note that this is the King's Campus. The other campus, whose name I forget, is the home of the medical school, so I doubt I'll ever make it there unless I wind up with scurvy or mingingitis or something.

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