Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Keep Calm and Carry On: Moving On Out Part 2

I'm still nervous about all of the stuff I have to accomplish in the next couple of weeks.

At this point, I have:

  • Gorilla on Wheels foot lockers (at least one will have to be decommissioned)
  • Rubbermaid Action Packers: two 48 gallons, six 24 gallons, and two 8 gallons
  • 10.5 galloon Styleworks Tough Totes

    One of my few vices is the purchase of books. I need to get rid of plenty of them, and I need to extricate most of the rest from my parents' house. I'm in the process of locating a temporary point of storage for my belongings, and since I'd prefer something a bit more durable than my current cache of printer paper boxes (quite sturdy, but increasingly aged), I'll be putting my books into the massive cache of Tough Notes - Action Packer knock-offs, really, but despite the weak plastic in their hinges, they enjoy the virtue of having been made in America.

    The 24 gallon bins will be useful for packing up individual rooms: the bathroom, the kitchen, and the bedroom specifically. I'm not sure what use the other three will be put to, and perhaps I've purchased too many, but I never seem to have any shortage of stuff, so I imagine I'll be able to fill them.

    I really shouldn't be quite this nervous. In fact, I have more time to move this time around than I had when leaving California or Virginia previously. Still, I remember being under the gun before, and like my departure from the Middle East earlier this year, this move has a set deadline. I'm sure I'll relax considerably once everything is properly sorted out.
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