Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mid-Packing Update

Okay, I'm taking a brief respite from packing up. I ran a few errands today, including mailing off a few things, getting my mail forwarded to my folks' place, and picking up duct tape, zip ties, and padlocks to secure the many, many cases I've gotten my stuff packed into. I'm about to change, clean up the back of my car, and take the first load to my super secret storage location.

It's apparently move-in weekend here in the town where I got my degree. I never lived on campus myself. There are youngsters all over town, buying stuff for their dorm rooms or apartments or derelict houses. Twelve years on, as I prepare to become a full-time student once again, it's tough to imagine that I was ever like them. On the other hand, I'm pleased that I got out of Fred Meyer in one piece, even if the local Fred Meyer didn't appear to have any more Action Packers!

People keep asking me if I'm getting excited, and the truth is that I don't get excited. This close to an expedition like this, I start getting stressed out, even if I'm on my game, and the stress doesn't go away until I set off, or even shortly after I arrive at my new destination. I don't expect to really calm down until I've been in Scotland for a few days. Until then, I'm fighting off vomiting in my mouth ("being sick", as the Scots would likely say), trying to remember to eat and hydrate, and hoping that I don't forget to pack, do, or handle anything. The truth is that you never get something like this exactly right, but you can get better at it as you learn from your past mistakes.

Without going into specifics about my itinerary, it won't be long now. Back to work I go.

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