Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tickets Rebooked

More than $500 later, my airline ticket has been re-booked. I'll get to Aberdeen this weekend in time to register early next week, and attend the first day of classes. I'm still in the midst of packing, of course. My sea bag, Gus' sea bag, my Echo Pack, and one of my two carry-ons are packed, as are most of the Action Packers. As I write this, I'm ripping music to my hard drive so that I can pack my CDs away. Once I've finished with these CDs, I'll go get some food and run some errands. I'm not fantastic at remembering to eat when I'm stressed out or focused on one project or another, so the Quizno's around the block from my apartment has become the beneficiary of that particular dysfunction.

More to come.

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