Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Around Aberdeen: A Convenient Juxtaposition

At my alma mater in the Pacific Northwest, there were plenty of places to go for a pint, but they were all off campus - plenty directly adjacent, but still off-campus. Conversely, the campus bookstore was a giant facility that dealt in textbooks, electronics, art and clerical supplies, and school memorabilia.

Welcome to Aberdeen, which is the exact opposite.

Source: Google Street View
The St. Machar Bar (not to be confused with the Cathedral Church of St. Machar, which is within walking distance of the pub) is within the general area of campus, no doubt owing to the fact that the growth of the King's Campus over the past five centuries has required the University to intersperse its new buildings where space was available in an area that had already been settled by private dwellings. Thus, in addition to being within walking distance of the Cathedral, the St. Machar is also within walking distance of every building on King's Campus, as well as several bus stops. As if this weren't enough to deem it the perfect pub, the St. Machar serves Scapa whisky and Dark Island, both of which are created in the island paradise of Orkney.

Conversely, a private book shop, Blackwell's University Bookshop, supplies the University's students with their books. Like the St. Machar Bar, which is directly adjacent...

... Blackwell's could probably be considered an "off-campus" establishment, save for the fact that its private facilities are located within the general confines of campus.

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Simply crackin', mates!

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  1. Ours is a Blackwell's too. There are tons of pubs right near campus (and one massive building with like five bars that is located directly on campus) but I've yet to find my "perfect one."