Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Songs that Remind You 2

I was first made aware of Amy Macdonald when she performed "Slow It Down" on Radio Orkney. Honestly, I think I prefer the acoustic version she did on Radio Orkney better than the album version, but they're both good. Unfortunately, the mp3 is no longer available on Radio Orkney's SoundCloud page. Anyway, Aberdeen's Original 106 has been playing her current single, "This Is The Life".

Without going into too much detail, another album that always reminds me of my time in West Sussex in 2004 is the debut album from Maroon 5, Songs About Jane. Even though it was released two years earlier, they were still promoting it when I was there, and there are a couple of songs in particular that remind me of my time there. I actually bought my copy at a record store in Worthing (which appears to have since gone under). Anyway, a few days ago, I was introduced through Facebook to a cover of the new Maroon 5 single, "One More Night", which made me look up the video itself.

There are two great covers, one by a gaggle of apparent YouTube personalities(?), only one of whom I've ever heard of, and another by a new band that's trying to get off the ground. Here they are.

  • YouTube celebrities' cover
  • Future Ghosts' cover

    I'll keep posting them as they keep coming up.
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