Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Found: Supply Depot

Those who know me well know that in addition to spreadsheets, my life is organized using 3"x5" index cards. I'm very particular about my note cards: they have to be white, they have to be blank, and they have to be three inches by five inches. I've looked in several places, but haven't been able to find them.

That is, until Saturday.

Feeling the need to accomplish something after puttering around on Saturday, I decided to plug "stationery shop" into Google Maps. What I discovered is that within walking distance of campus, there's a Staples.

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It's not labeled on the map, but one of those white warehouses in that commercial park is Staples. It wasn't as big, and didn't boast the kind of selection that an American Staples would boast, but with a bit of help, I was able to find...

... index cards. Or, as they appear to be referred to locally, "record cards". They're white, they're blank (unruled), and they're 3"x5"... Which is apparently 76x127 "mm", whatever that means. At any rate, these additional cards, and the ability to resupply them, will help me to study, primarily Arabic, but also possibly some of my security-related studies as well. This is an excellent development, and their proximity to campus is a great boon to my efforts.

The other office supply I'd like to get a hold of is some 8.5"x11" typing paper. Here, they use "A4", which is closer to legal-sized paper. One of the administrative staff in the School of Social Science said my best bet would be to take some A4 and use the paper cutter to cut it to size, which I may just have to bite the bullet and do. One thing's for sure, "A4" won't fit appropriately into my Kevlar clipboard.

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