Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Proclaimers in Aberdeen

Remember back in July, when I found out that the Proclaimers would be in Orkney? Well, the next best thing to seeing the Proclaimers in Orkney is seeing them in Aberdeen. Unfortunately, I've waited long enough that there aren't really any good seats left, but that won't stop me from plopping down sixty quid on a couple of adequate seats and seeing if I can find someone to go with me.

And for Lady Jaye, who thinks she's never heard of the Proclaimers: yes, you have.

That's their most popular song (in America), but my favorite? From the same album, Sunshine on Leith, it's "Oh Jean". (Fair warning, folks, it's a bit direct.)

Then again, this song from their next album, Hit the Highway, is also quite good.

I can't wait! I'd better buy my tickets today!

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