Monday, November 5, 2012

A Surprise Visitor

While I was speaking on the phone with my dad and getting ready for the Ceilidh a few weeks ago, I was surprised to look out my bedroom window and see a visitor.

Between the failing light and the fact that the camera was zoomed as far as it would go, it's tough to see, but that's a picture of a Red Deer. You can just make out the small antlers, so this one was what the Scots call a "stag", what we in the States would call a "buck" - and, because the antlers are so small, it's what my favorite guide, Grant, would call a "dink". When I left for the Ceilidh, he was still out there grazing and occasionally perking up to check on some noise or movement in the vicinity.

One morning last week, I looked out the window to see a doe, and a buck was behind her - possibly the same one as before, with slightly larger, forked antlers that could have grown a bit in the ensuing two or three weeks. That first night, the dink was standing outside my window for a good hour and a half before I left. The second time, I didn't get a chance to photograph the dink and doe since they were moving so quickly through the field next to my room. If they show back up and decide to stand around, I'll try to get another picture of them and share it.

There are also rabbits all around the housing complex (which aren't very exciting), but last night I saw a badger just after walking into the complex. A badger! I haven't seen one of those since I was about twelve years old and vacationing in Central Oregon!

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