Friday, November 23, 2012

Around Aberdeen: Around King's College

One of the cool things about attending a university that was founded more than five hundred years ago is that there are some really cool old buildings that are still in use. One of these is King's College. The entire area of the University of Aberdeen that exists in Old Aberdeen is the King's Campus, but the rest of the University of Aberdeen's campus in Old Aberdeen is built around the original (semi-original?) King's College. That picture up there is the iconic King's College Chapel, with its ornate "crown". When one goes through that passageway in the bottom right corner, this sign...

... is visible on your right. Through the pathway is King's Quad, and at the other end is the building known as King's Quad, because that's not confusing at all. I'm fortunate to have my weekly "tutorial" (what we'd call a "recitation" at my alma mater, but which is basically just another lecture period) in King's Quad, and I'll try to get some pictures of the interior at some point. Outside the door to the building are statues of a lion and a unicorn to represent England and Scotland, respectively (why the unicorn is a national symbol of Scotland is a big unknown for me)...

... and some ornate work above the door that notes despecific dates that are relevant for some reason that's not explicitly stated.

I have to admit, many of the buildings on campus aren't particularly old or attractive, but buildings like King's College and the King's College Chapel make up for it. It's not quite as impressive as some of the stunning neo-classical architecture at my alma mater, but it has its own charms, as you can see.

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