Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gus Visits

So, now that the visit is over, it's time to let the cat out of the bag. Gus, who is one of my best good friends, arrived about a week and a half ago with my other sea bag. I haven't posted this until now in order to maintain his operational security, which I've discussed on the JTS, Ltd. blog here and here. You know what they say, practice what you preach. Anyway, I've been pleased to have my other bag, which contained (among other things)...

  • my kilts and sporran
  • Another Bloody Century by Colin Gray, and The Evolution of Nuclear Strategy by Lawrence Freedman
  • my travel guides
  • a couple of everyday carry bags, which will be discussed in more detail later

    ... but it was even more exciting to have one of my best good friends here to visit for a few days. That's something that obviously never happened in the Middle East (though I did run into one of my old shipmates there, which was fun), and it's something that's only rarely happened in other places where I've lived. Special thanks to St. Jen and Hank for loaning him to me for the duration of his stay.

    During his trip, Gus spent a couple of days with me in Aberdeen, and went to Elgin, Stirling, and Edinburgh, where we met up with sweetthesound, among other activities. Gus packed a lot into his time here alone, and we packed a lot into the time we were able to spend together. There will be more posts about Gus' visit over the next couple of weeks.

    Oh, yeah. And we went to pubs, and apparently he was always on my left and I was always on his right.
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