Sunday, November 4, 2012

Around Aberdeen: Geocaching Part 1

I've talked a bit about my adventures in GPS ownership. One of the cool things to do with a GPS is called geocaching. Basically, people hide stuff - a "geocache", put the coordinates on the Geocaching website. I've wanted to start doing it since about 2006, ever since I bought my first GPS and my friend Howard AKA "Father Time" told me about geocaching. Now that I'm in Aberdeen, I figured that geocaching would be a good way to practice my land navigation skills prior to my next deployment to some exotic locale, as well as giving me an excuse to do more walking.

One of the caches listed on the website was "Wells of Bon Accord - Chanonry Well Pump". Since it was near campus, I decided to try it first, and attempted to find it on Thursday morning. Based on the other comments, it appears that this one has been removed, so my first attempt to find a cache was denied.

Since I was headed to campus again yesterday, I decided to try for another one nearby: "The Zoology Building". I found it! I entered it as a waypoint in my Garmin eTrex Vista, signed the log, and then headed for the "postgraduate study room", which has become the de facto Strategic Studies class tactical operations center. (Strategic operations center?) It was a good accomplishment to start my day with.

I think the next one I'm going to attempt is "Snow Kirk", which is in a sort of remote corner of campus. As I seek out and find more caches around Aberdeen and elsewhere (it could be a fun supplemental activity when I travel!), I'll note them on here.


  1. Glad your doing well and enjoying everything. Fighting a cold leftover from Jeff's wedding. Bah Humbug so saith the Naz.

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