Sunday, November 18, 2012

What's Your Grid, Edinburgh?

For reasons that I'll expand upon later this week, I found myself in Edinburgh this weekend. There were a lot of things on the agenda, but one of them was to go back to the hostel where I'd stayed in 2004 and get a grid. From my perspective, all of Edinburgh sort of revolves around Waverley Station, since that's where I've arrived both times I've visited. The hostel where I stayed, as booked through a service on the stairs leading up to Prince Street from the station below (which apparently isn't there anymore), is down the hill that leads northeast from Waverley. I think it must have changed hands and been renovated since I was there, but I found it, and it's currently known as the Edinburgh Central Youth Hostel. Here's the grid:

30U VH 88551 01604

Among other items on the agenda was finally meeting sweetthesound and some of her friends for dinner and a Haunted Vault Tour. (Just for the record, the cheesy smiles are the result of an agreement that we should smile like our mutual friend, Brittany, who's the Queen of Cheesy Goodness.) We ate at The Holyrood 9A, and I may or may not have flipped out about how much I hated my trip to Beirut earlier this year to a guy I barely knew who was/is/probably still is considering a trip there. Aside from that little outburst, it was a great dinner, and the haunted tour was a lot of fun, with a fantastic tour guide.

More details of my excursion to Edinburgh is yet to come.

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