Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Around Aberdeen: King's College at Night

A few days ago, I posted about King's College. Another great thing about King's College is that it's absolutely stunning when lit up at night - and since Aberdeen is about as far north as the southern bits of Alaska, and since I'm often on campus late into the evening, I end up with a lot of opportunities to see it in that condition. The bus stops happen to be right outside King's College, so I often get a chance to enjoy the view before heading back to my room to catch some sleep. It's a great reminder of the rich history of the University of Aberdeen - certainly one of its best selling points. The University was founded in 1494 - that's more than five hundred years ago! That's older than America! And every night that I have the opportunity to walk down High Street at night, whether leaving the campus or possibly The Machar, it's a great reminder of how special this year is for me.

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