Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Gear: Little Ceramic Bowl

I benefit from the generosity of a number of people who have decided that despite my shenanigans and occasional melodrama, I'm actually worth taking care of. I try to make an effort to express my gratitude to them and do whatever personal favors I can when the opportunity arises.

One of those folks is Joanne. Joanne was my boss for a little over two years, but really, she's still my boss. She's been very generous over the years, and has provided me with excellent advice and moral support during some of the most challenging times in my life. One of her hobbies, other than doting on her adorable son Zach, is pottery. I've been fortunate to receive several of her pieces over the years, and when I visited her and the family in August, she gave me a piece and told me in no uncertain terms that I'd be taking it with me to Scotland or else I'd be in trouble. I made sure that the thing made it into one of my bags. Once I arrived, I decided that since Joanne and I worked in IT, that I ought to use the bowl to store my flash drives and SD cards.

And, of course, it reminds me of Joanne and her family, who have become an adopted extension of my own family. When a person embarks upon great adventures and attempts to accomplish great feats, like going on a one year expedition to get an MSc in Scotland, it's important to remember the folks who got you there. Thanks, Joanne!

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