Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Meeting Terry Waite

As part of the Remembrance Day observances, the Chaplaincy Center sponsored a visit by Terry Waite CBE. Mr. Waite has spent his life working in conflict resolution with a focus on hostage negotiation. While working as an advisor to the Archbishop of Canterbury in the 1980's, Mr. Waite was taken hostage in Beirut by Hezbollah and spent nearly five years in solitary confinement. He spoke at the Remembrance Day service in the King's College Chapel, later that evening in King's Quad, and again the next day in King's Quad. I attended both events in King's Quad, got a copy of his book Taken on Trust autographed, and had my picture taken with him.

Before the second event, I also had the chance to speak with him briefly, and during the Q&A period I asked him to provide his thoughts on hostage rescue missions by military and law enforcement personnel. Given my credentials, my occupation, and the training I received prior to my time in the Middle East (which included mentions of his experience and what he did to keep his morale up), it was really a special opportunity for me.


  1. Wow he sounds like a really fascinating person.

  2. I realized as soon as I got home, you still have my signed copy of his book. Curses!