Thursday, December 27, 2012

Island Paradise: Haggis, Etc.

After my trips to St. Magnus Cathedral and Wideford Hill, I went to the south end of South Ronaldsay (which will be discussed in the next Island Paradise post), then made my way back to my weekend digs. Gray 2 made a delicious dinner that consisted of haggis, some other sort of white pudding...

... mince (I'm not sure that link is actually representative of what we had for dinner)...

... and neeps and tatties.

According to Gray 1, the actual name for the mixture of neeps (turnips) and tatties (potatoes) is clapshot, but it's technically not clapshot unless you're using ingredients that haven't been harvested until after the first frost, because it does something or other to the sugars in the vegetables. I'm not sure how actual clapshot could have been any better than what we enjoyed that night, because it was fantastic, and I have to say, the haggis we enjoyed was way better than the haggis at The Archibald Simpson. It got me plenty ready for next day.

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