Sunday, July 7, 2013

Around Aberdeen: Loo Retrofit!

Early in my adventures in Aberdeen, during the One Pub Crawl to Rule Them All, I discovered portable quad toilets outside St. Nicholas. I subsequently discovered that they're a thing here in Scotland. The whole concept is that, during an evening of debauchery and carousing, a gentleman can carefully relieve himself of some of the evening's drinks without leaving a fluidic signature on any of the local pavements or buildings. That such a measure would be necessary in the first place is a testament to the level of disorderly drunkenness that everyone loves so much about the Scots.

Here's the thing: it apparently wasn't enough. A few weeks ago, I took this gem of a picture while availing of myself of the facility. (Hey, if it's there, use it, amiright?) If you'll look back at that first picture, you'll notice that this placard - which is absent from the blank canvas of the quad-loo in that picture from October - has been added. Why? I can only conjecture here, but I'd be willing to wager a few quid that despite the recommendations of common sense, or even of friends, or even of what passes for a local constabulary, other young gentlemen availing themselves of the Aberdeen City Council's provision for their biological needs have still been exposing themselves to the world. This ties back into one of those Facebook pages about Aberdeen I talked about last month. You stay classy, Aberdeen!

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