Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Songs That Remind You 10: Psy Special Edition!

There's no question that the biggest single of 2012 was Gangnam Style by South Korean phenom Psy. I heard it for the first time a month or so before I left the States for Aberdeen, but it's been a staple of my experience here. We heard it (and I danced to it!) during the bowling night, I rocked out to it in Orkney, and I even heard it while I was failing to get back up to Unst on my second day in Shetland. So how could I neglect to include it in this list? I associate it with my apartment back home, but moreso than that, I associate it with some of my most interesting experiences in Scotland.

A while ago, Psy released his follow-up to Gangnam Style, entitled "Gentleman". It hasn't gotten the kind of attention that Gangnam Style got, but it's kind of a catchy song with an entertaining video.

I also saw another Psy video recommended on the sidebar while watching Gangnam Style. Before most people in the West had even heard of Psy, he and a bunch of his countrymen made a pretty raucous video highlighting Korean culture prior to the 2012 London Olympics. I think that the Olympics are a colossal waste of time and money, but this video's pretty cool.

And finally, Psy's female counterpart in the Gangnam Style video features more prominently in this video, which is... Uh... I don't know, a Gangnam Style remix? You'll just have to watch it to understand what I'm talking about.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, sexy lady, indeed. Thank you, Psy, for making my time in Aberdeen that much more... International?

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