Monday, July 29, 2013

Headline: Hideous Glass Cube Wins Award!

'Tent' among 12 Scottish architecture award winners

The Hideous Glass Cube won some Scottish architecture award. Seriously? The thing is hideous! And if you look at the slide show, you'll see that most of the other "buildings" that received the award were either A) also hideous, or B) not, technically speaking, "buildings" at all. Oh, well. In a country whose national delicacy is chopped up sheep's heart and lungs, shoved into said sheep's stomach with oatmeal, and then boiled, I suppose there's no accounting for taste! Or quality of construction, apparently - in point of fact, they've been doing repairs to the HGC for the last couple of weeks, removing various panels with cranes and such. Seriously? The building is a year old, and it already requires repairs. So much for the credibility of the architecture award!

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