Sunday, July 14, 2013


CN Odin and I are published authors! At the behest of The Director, Odin and I expanded our hugely successful team project for Strategic Theory into an article and submitted it to Small Wars Journal. We found out this week that it would be published, and it was posted to SWJ a couple of days ago. We received several positive comments on the site itself. We also made the event known to our coursemates, and received the following accolades on Facebook:
Hey you! That's right, you. Is your counter-insurgency campaign running into trouble? Are those pesky insurgents ruining your nicely laid plans? Then head on over to the Small Wars Journal, where you can find out how to fix the situation in an excellent article by Tom and [CN Odin]!
- CN Slapshot

Big congratulations to [CN Odin] and Tom on getting published in one of those academic journals that I hear so much about.
- CN Ness
This is certainly a feather in both of our caps. I'm not sure how it improves Odin's prospects for post-program employment, but it should help in my quest of finding something to keep me occupied once Operation Highlander draws to a close.

Clean livin'!

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