Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Around Aberdeen: Funny Signs Around Aberdeen

Owing to its proximity to campus, the Bobbin is a pretty popular venue. CN GBU-16 and I tend to hang out there every now and again because it's near her place, and some of the Strategists' biggest social nights (notably the night of our Strategic Intelligence exam). A few weeks ago, I met up with GBU-16 for a couple of drinks, and was extremely amused with this printed sign taped to the door of the pub. Is there anything more quintessentially Scottish than not trusting one another's conduct with alcohol outdoors during home athletic matches? Hilarious.

* * *

Back in June, I'd spent a few minutes getting a snack at the Gurkha Kitchen, and then had to walk eastward for a social event. As I was walking, I found this sign. I just love that someone had to put up a sign to notify people that they need to pick up their dog's waste. That said, I had to take evasive action to keep the Navigator from stepping into some dog waste on Union Street in July (July?), and I ran into dog waste that hadn't been picked up a couple of times when I was in Paris. Okay, I'm probably overthinking and certainly overtalking it, I just found it funny, now I've shared it with you... So, good.

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