Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Songs That Remind You 13

Most of the music I've been hearing lately is absolute trash. Far too much of it is by Miley Cyrus. (Speaking of which... What happened with her!? The Onion totally called it.) Anyway, one of the great songs that I've heard while I was here was actually the soundtrack to a really weird Lexus commercial featuring kabuki dancers or something. The commercial's weird, and I'll almost certainly never buy a Lexus, but Kristina Train's cover of Aretha Franklin's song easily surpasses the original - easily.

So, that was pretty awesome. As I said earlier, I feel like I'm being inundated by lousy garbage from Miley Cyrus. So, in lieu of posting that lousy garbage, I'm going to link to the only decent song Miley Cyrus ever did, and at this rate, will ever do. Yup. Anyway, you know what I like even better than that? Katy Perry's latest single. Like many celebrities who have never accomplished anything and have no relevant experience, Katy Perry's politics and activism annoy the living daylights out of me, but I tend to like about two thirds of her music.

See? Isn't that so much better than anything Miley Cyrus has been releasing lately? Answer along with me: "Yes, Tom! You nailed it!"

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