Monday, January 7, 2013

Exam Review Update

I wasted a lot of last week not studying, sleeping in, watching nonsense on YouTube, writing a series of posts for my other blog that may not even get published, and not much else. On Saturday night, I finally put together a formal outline that includes the sample exam questions I'm studying from, a list of books I'm focusing on, and a few others items. Here's how it looks.

Strategic Theory:
  • Modern Strategy: read
  • Modern Military Strategy: An Introduction : review and note where appropriate
  • Strategy in the Contemporary World : probably getting ignored
  • Another Bloody Century: review chapter 8 (space warfare)
  • Director's Topical Cuttings: review all
  • PowerPoint Slide Decks: review all
  • Student Topical Memoranda: read all

    Strategic Intelligence:
  • Intelligence Power in Peace and War: type up chapter and book summaries
  • Intelligence in an Insecure World: read, note where appropriate
  • PowerPoint Slide Decks: review all
  • Secret Intelligence: A Reader: probably getting ignored
  • Intelligence in War: probably getting ignored

    I've got about a week to do all of this, so I have my work cut out for me. That said, I'm probably going overboard, and I could probably sit for the exams right now and nail them. The Director will also be doing a review session later this week, so I'll attend that. This is one of those situations where my competitive streak, my attention to detail, and my ability to test well should hopefully pay off.
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