Friday, January 11, 2013

Giddy Limit Calendar

When I was in Orkney, just after I'd strolled through St. Magnus Cathedral, I went to the Orcadian Bookshop on Albert Street - where I just happened to run into five of my six hosts.

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Aside from just looking for Orkney-related stuff, I had a specific target in mind. The Orcadian newspaper runs a comic strip about Orkney by local illustrator Alex Leonard, titled The Giddy Limit. I discovered it - you can view the whole run of the comic on the website - while I was in the Middle East. My favorite comic is #38 from all the way back in 2006. Each year, Alex Leonard does a calendar with the characters from the strip. The 2012 calendar featured Orcadianized (?) a bunch of famous movies. This year's calendar features the crew in a series of Orcadianized (?) versions of advertisements for popular brands, like Guiness ("Gurness is food fur ye"), Nike ("Jist dae hid"), and even IRN-BRU ("HOM-BRU gets ye through"). So, I've put it up on the bulletin board in my room.

It's a great daily reminder of Orkney, and really, what more could you want out of life?

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