Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Chance Meeting with CN Silverback

A few months ago, I updated the Strategic Studies Dramatis Personnae and included a guy by the name of CN Silverback. (He's visible in that picture from November, flashing gang signs alongside me, Gus, and CN Sister.) During Spring Term, we kept running across one another in passing and promising one another that we'd get together for a pint - and he kept drunk-texting me when he was out drinking. (His personal record was 5:34 AM on the 12th February - I pretty much always outlast my younger peers when we go out drinking, and even I can't even fathom still drinking that late.) As we prepared for exams, I stopped hearing from him, and decided after exams that he must have headed back to Ireland for the Summer.

A couple of weeks ago, after dinner at Lionel's, I ended up wandering around a bit trying to decide which bus stop to wait at. For some reason, I decided to walk all the way down to the bus stop at Marischal College (where the Robert the Bruce statue is located), and who would I find but CN Silverback, standing at a bus stop? He'd literally just arrived back from Ireland. Apparently he had decided that I'd left for good and that he'd never see me again, so he'd deleted my number. We were thrilled to run into one another, and we (and his luggage) immediately deferred to the Old Schoolhouse (a post about which is forthcoming!) to catch up over a pint. It was great to see him again, and I have a feeling that we'll hang out again soon. Our conversations are always fascinating, and it's nice to find a European who's so unapologetically pro-American.

Also, the pint of Carlsberg was pretty sweet, too - let's face it, it wouldn't be an outing with Silverback if it didn't involve booze.

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