Saturday, August 17, 2013

Aberdeen's Public Gardens: Seaton Stables

On the hill northeast of Seaton Park, located between the park and the University of Aberdeen's residence halls, are the gardens of Seaton Stables. I assume that the name gives it away: this place likely used to be stables for horses. Regardless, the location now boasts one of the most beautiful, secluded public gardens that I've ever seen. The entire complex is divided into three little walled enclosures, surrounded by high brick walls. It boasts benches, and pathways lined with beautiful foliage. Best of all, it's so secluded that you wouldn't know it was there if you didn't divert off of the beaten path.

Whether intentional or not, the gardens at Seaton Stables seem to have just the right mix of perfectly manicured plants, and slightly overgrown ones, making it feel simultaneously clean and exotic; dare I say, almost Edenic. If you have the good fortune to walk through its three enclosures when no one else is enjoying it, it's the kind of place where you could almost forget that other human beings even existed. Best of all, it's a short walk from the University of Aberdeen, the Hillhead Halls of Residence, and the Bridge of Don community, and just down the street from the equally beautiful village of Brig O' Balgownie. Here are some pictures of some of its featured flowers that I took earlier this Spring.

Absolutely stunning, and a great example of the cultivated beauty that Scotland has to offer.

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