Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Around Aberdeen: Brig o' Balgownie

Over here, not far from Seaton Park and Seaton Stables Gardens, is the tiny village of Brig o' Balgownie, which is situated around an ancient little bridge. It's astonishingly tough to get a shot of the bridge itself, but the the area around it is absolutely gorgeous. It's one of those places that's right next to the big city, but doesn't feel like the big city. You're bound to see more human and vehicle traffic there than you would Seaton Stables Gardens (for example, all of the traffic on the Bridge of Don), but it's alright because it's a good quarter of a mile away.

A few weeks ago, Glaswegian Sensation and I went out for a bit of an evening constitutional, and I took my camera. I'd been meaning to get some pictures, and it was a great excuse. The weather was a little warm for my tastes, but the light was great (something that's wasn't the case earlier this year when it was dark at, y'know, six at night or whatever), so I was able to get some great shots. I almost wish that I'd spent some more time down there while I was here, but I didn't, and I can live with that. As it is, I'm glad that I got down there a few times, because it's one of those places I'll remember fondly in years to come.

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